Travis David Crosby, 28, appeared in justice court via video from the Missoula County Jail and was charged with felony arson, after admitting to detectives that he had stared the fire that heavily damaged the Vantage Villa Apartments on June 13.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jason Marks asked Judge John Odlin for a high bail for Crosby due to the circumstances under which the fire was set.

"The state is requesting bail in the amount of $75,000," Marks said. "In his interview with detectives, Mr. Crosby expressed that not only was this an intentional act, but was essentially the result of his pending eviction and the fire was an outlet for the anger he was feeling. It sounds like he has done this before on a much smaller scale as an outlet for his anger, and I'm concerned under the current circumstances that he poses a danger to the community."

Court documents indicate that the apartment complex is owned by the Missoula Housing Authority, and a number of disabled tenants had to be evacuated from the burning building. Before it was extinguished, the fire consumed several apartments in the complex.

Court documents go on to state that Crosby, who is developmentally disabled, admitted to Detective Denton with the Missoula Police Department that he had started the fire by lighting a chair on fire with matches because he was very angry about being evicted.

A representative of the Missoula Housing Authority told Detective Denton that damage to the building could total from $3 to $5 million dollars.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jason Marks