Look for us to be featured on KECI's Community Calendar! Plus while we were there we got an awesome tour of what goes on behind the scenes at the T.V station

I first walked in the door of KECI to see a very familiar face, Steve Fetveit! He has been doing news for over 40 years plus a former Flathead native. It's always nice to see a familiar face, and everyone at KECI was so helpful and kind.

So first we get to go in the news room, the big room. The room with all the lights, cameras and actions! It was so cool and actually very big. They even let mike and I sit at the anchor table and pretend like we are the news anchors!

The production and directors room is so complicated but fun. Every button and every gadget thinkable is in this room. 3 camera screens and multiple sound boards and T.V's. That's really where the show is run

The sales staff was so nice, as was the camera men. The last thing that was awesome was the GM was wearing his Boston Red Sox hat, a laid back very cool guy. So look for Mike and Charene on the community calendar on KECI and to find out where Mike and Charene are in the community just check out kyssfm.com.