Experts are expecting extremely strong winds over the January 11 weekend.

"A strong cold front will move through the area," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Luke Robinson. "The locations of western Montana and central Idaho can expect to see sustained winds 30-50 mph with gusts around 60. We are expecting the possibility of a few power lines to fall, and anything that is not tied down will blow away."

The winds are expected to start early and intensify by Saturday afternoon. Even though it is a "cold front" it may actually warm up the area quite a bit.

"We're expecting to see some wind starting to pick up sometime Saturday morning around 5 a.m. and really begin to pick up in the afternoon, and we're expecting it to remain fairly gusty through Saturday night," Robinson said. "Actually, it's going to warm the temperatures up. We may even approach record values Saturday afternoon."

Robinson says that it is very possible that Missoula, Butte, and Kalispell will see record warm temperatures for this time of year.