These are Tobasco peppers. They'll turn red when they're ripe. Making Tobasco brand sauce is a rather complicated process, but vinegar "peppa sauce" is simple! Very popular in the south, bottles of tobasco peppers that have been aged in white wine vinegar are on many tables at traditional southern cafes. Once aged for at least 3 months, the vinegar heats with flavor from the Tobasco peppers. Just sprinkle the hot vinegar on and enjoy! Once the vinegar is gone, just add more to the same jar of peppers.

It's mostly used on collard greens, but has many other uses.

All you need is:

1 glass bottle with cap or cork
1 handful of Tabasco or Thai Chili Peppers (other hot peppers will also work)
White wine vinegar or any vinegar you like
Some folks add black pepper corns and garlic cloves

Bring vinegar to a simmer, do not boil
Fill your bottle with peppers and anything else you choose to add flavor
Fill the bottle with the hot vinegar

Does not require refrigeration!