The election is Tuesday but the last day to mail-in your ballots for the Missoula County Public Schools Election is today (Monday, May 2nd).

If you forgot to get it into the mail today there are several “drop boxes” available across the county to place your ballot. The boxes will be accessible between 7 am and 8 pm today.

Cold Springs Elementary, 2625 Briggs St., Missoula

Lowell Elementary, 1200 Sherwood St., Missoula

Paxson Elementary, 101 Evans, Missoula

Rattlesnake Elementary, 1220 Pineview Dr., Missoula

Russell Elementary, 3216 Russell St., Missoula

Hellgate Elementary, 2385 Flynn Ln., Missoula

Target Range Elementary, 4095 South Ave. W., Missoula

Lolo Elementary, 11395 Highway 93 S., Lolo

Potomac Elementary, Potomac