Photo courtesy of Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Hot, funny, talented shirtless men... sounds like a perfect combination to me! Unfortunately, Jeff Timmons didn't make a big enough name for himself as the founding member of 98 Degrees to become a household name. Taking a leaf out of Nick Lachey's book, Jeff will star in his own reality show " Men of the Strip" on E! this summer. Jeff has something cooking that is sure to make him a household name, with every house-mom anyway.

Now, looking at Jeff Timmons, I'm thinking "how did I miss this hunk in the 90's?" Probably because he didn't look as chiseled as he does now. Jeff is capitalizing on the phenomenon that was "Magic Mike." Women need a little eye candy too right? Think Magic Mike meets boy band. After a three month cross-country search they found the most gorgeous men they could to perform for "Men of the Strip." Jeff says all the men are all multi-talented, singers, dancers, entertainers and comedians. So get ready, ladies, for some hot, sizzling fun in Vegas and on the E! network this summer. "Men of the Strip" will kick of after a 90 minute movie over Memorial weekend, taking up Vegas residency right after that. Jeff Timmons is one great American!