How many machine guns do you suppose there are in Montana? I got to wondering about that after I read that the state of Virginia leads the nation in the number of legally registered machine guns (30,220). Didn’t Virginia used to have a state tourism motto,”Virginia is For Lovers”? Guess they just weren’t saying what they loved. Next in line for machine guns is Florida (29,128).  Lots of snowbird seniors packin’ some serious heat. California ranks third (28,774), and The Lone Star State,Texas, is not far behind  (28,690).

Montana has…1,892 machine guns. Wyoming has 1,659; Idaho surprisingly has 4,342, the peaceful state of Washington-3,805. Oregon shows 6,442. Our neighbors to the East, the Dakotas; North-1,480, South-1,495. Hawaii maintains their laid back lifestyle image with only 429.

I’ll let you come up with your own ideas why these numbers are where they are. Thanks to the ATF for providing me with the information. See you at the range. Brings lots of ammo.