A longtime weather/radio man lost his job after running for office in Billings. 

John Pulasky has been heard on air waves for a long time in Billings. Giving you the weather with a smile. He was taken off the air shortly before the June primary election after his opponent, Clayton Fiscus, demanded free, equal airtime from Pulasky’s employer.

He is right the law with the FCC clearly states that U.S. radio and television stations are obligated to offer equal time to opposing candidates who request it. Being that Fiscus's opponent was on the air as a job, meant without giving him equal time they were in violation.

Pulasky tried to discuss with Fiscus a compromise in which he could keep his job and just do weather. Not discuss politics, the campaign or his opponent. In the case that Mr. Fiscus signed a waiver saying that was OK, John could keep his job.

Unfortunately no compromise was reached, I am torn as the law does state equal time...but there is a BUT. If a waiver was signed, let's call it a white flag was signed, then a man would have his job/means of support and the other may have a better conscience.

For now though the race will continue to be ran and maybe things weren't made clear to Mr. Pulasky. Maybe his employer could have come to an agreement keeping him on but maybe behind  I just find it amazing how compassion is lost between young and old alike. When a man would rather attack another mans lively hood then win fair, there is a problem. I think they could have compromised at least to some point where he didn't have to loose his job. Then again I am partial being a radio deejay myself. I never like to see one of the nice, good ones to leave the air.