Lolo Sewer District personnel are working on Thursday afternoon, March 6, on one of the sewer system's lift stations.

Assistant Public Works Director Amy Rose said there is some flooding in the lift station wells due to a mechanical malfunction.

"The Lolo District Sewer plant is experiencing some problems in the main lifting station that's causing some flooding in the lift station wells," Rose said. "We are having to pump out manually right now just so we can get everything diverted and bypassed to the plant so that we can get in there and make repairs."

Rose is asking residents to stay away from a section of Lakeside in Lolo.

"We're asking people to avoid the section of Lakeside from the 1,000 to 1,700 blocks leading up to the sewer plant," Rose said. "We'll have lots of traffic and equipment moving in and out of there, and we hope to have everything corrected by about 10 o'clock tonight."

The district is also asking all residents to refrain from using any non-essential services while they work on the issue. Avoiding showers, toilet flushing, and any other non-critical usage will help reduce flows coming into the mains.

Assistant Public Works Director Amy Rose