I'm all for getting support (money) to help our local parks but is it necessary to name our parks and trails for private individuals or corporations?

The Missoula City Council is considering draft regulations when it comes to naming public parks and trails with corporate names in exchange for money.

Missoula Parksand Recreation director Donna Gaukler tells the Missoulian that naming rights have to be considered in the current tough economic climate.

The draft Missoula policy allows a park to be named if a person or organization donates land or money worth more than 60 percent of the value of the park, or sets up an endowment for maintenance of 60 percent or more for 20 years.

Gaukler says the draft ordinance doesn't directly address company names on public areas, but says those deals must not be ruled out.

Story from the Associated Press

Many people want to leave their name(s) behind as part of a legacy but wouldn't this just be another form of advertising for a corporation?