Al on "Lunchroom Duty" at the Buddy Walk

This is just a simple thanks for some not so random acts of simple kindness.

Al & I emceed the Missoula Buddy Walk on Saturday at Playfair Park.  A simple enough idea.  Get together to promote awareness about Down Syndrome and to raise a few bucks in the process.   An idea started by Mike and MaryAnn McGowan in 2002.  Something to help make sense of the tragic loss of their son Danny in a drowning accident the previous year.

Danny happened to have Down Syndrome.


The women from Cowgirls Salon & Spa were there to offer up hair braids.  The girls from the Sentinel High School soccer team helped out.  The boys from the Loyola Boys soccer team organized a raffle.  A couple of gentlemen from the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band did a beautiful rendition of "Danny Boy" and then led the walkers around the track serenading them the whole way.

And then there were the families.  The moms and dads and uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters and grandmas and grandpas.

All the people who offered up those little acts of kindness.