At the end of this little blurb will be a few things on which I'd like this guy's company. Associated Press tells us a man is Saint Jo, Texas survived being hit by lightning twice during the same storm! Casey Wagner says the doctors told him a tingly sensation will probably last about a week. He was at an off-road racing competition northwest of Dallas when the storm hit. Wagner was under a tree when lightning struck, dropped to his knees and was struck again. He says he saw sparks. A nurse was nearby and stayed with him until an ambulance took him to a hospital where he was treated and released. Mr. Wagner says he believes God kept him alive. Oh, and he says he plans to go to church more. Obviously an abundance of good luck charm is with Mr. Wagner, so I'd like to invite him to accompany me to all Grizzly games, on drives down North Reserve when I'm trying to make time and choosing Powerball numbers! Too much to ask? DB