We hear about the rich estate left to the dog or cat often. Typically, a fortune is signed over to a beloved pet for their continued care. The latest lucky best friend to receive a glorious inheritance is a cat named “Tommaso” from Rome. We love our pets - some of us more than others. Take a look at some other 'best friend' windfalls.


Gunther IV: A German Shepard weighing in with a $372 million fortune. He even bought a home from Madonna. Crazier than this, Gunther inherited his money from Gunther III, the father of Gunther IV. Story has it, a wealthy German Countess set up this trust fund and Gunther is so good at investing, his trust fund continues to grow.


Kalu: A mischievous chimpanzee who loved to taunt his owner by stealing her cigarettes, and drinking her beer. Left to this little character, who clonked his owner everyday on the head while swimming laps, was the sweet tune of $80 million by a former Australian Olympic swimmer.


Trouble: A dog with an infamous owner known for trouble herself, Leona Helmsley. Originally bestowed $12 million by the greedy billionaire, the lawyer's fought for Trouble's rights in the contested will, leaving poor Trouble to budget only $2 million in the end.


Pride, Joy, Porgie, and Ronald: Their names read like a children's book, but these lucky felines are now all purring roommates in a $140,000 cottage in England. In a scene from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," they are now playing in the lap of luxury.


Back to the newest Forbes member...Tommaso, the Italian roaming kitty. His inheritance puts him only as only the third wealthiest pet with $13 million in estate treasures. Rome has, by estimate, 180,000 stray cats roaming the streets.