What are your favorite toys and games of all time? I'm tickled that a couple of mine made the list!

The National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York (I agree we all need to go), has announced its 2016 nominees. I loved the board game Clue when I was a kid. Still do, actually. Another personal favorite, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots is on the list, hoping to join current members such as Twister, Easy Bake Oven and the Frisbee.

The other nominees this year are Little People, Nerf, Care Bears, Uno, pinball, the swing, coloring books and Dungeons and Dragons. If you think a couple of those sound weird, consider bubble wrap is also the list, trying to join current members like the cardboard box and the stick.

The hall's rules of recognition include toys that have lasted across generations, that foster learning or creativity through play. Well, given that, I guess we've all had imaginative fun with bubble wrap, a box and a stick. Inductees will be announced November 10. Good luck to all!    DB