You guys make it easy; OK easier, to get up at 3:30 AM when you are so darn nice. Let’s back up a second here. This morning on the Craig & Al show we were playing “Al the Thespian” with a prize of $25 gift certificate to The Oxford Saloon and a pair of tickets to go see the Zac Brown Band.  Our contestant was Patricia from all the way over in White Sulphur Springs.  She was such a nice lady who worked for the state as an appraiser and assessor and is retired.  She was just so much fun to talk with on the air. When it came time to identify the song and artist she was incorrect which just about broke our hearts. Craig put her on hold and we took another caller. She got it right and won the tickets,our next to last pair. We felt so darn bad for our first contestant we decided to give her our last pair of tickets, it was the right thing to do. We were a little concerned about how that might make everyone else listening feel and how they might react.

Judging from your response you were as glad as we were for giving her the tickets;

 “We very much enjoyed Patricia also (we don't know her, but she was great!)... Thanks so much for giving her tickets... You made our day.“ ~   From your listeners in Seeley Lake!!!


“ Since you are wondering how far your broadcast goes out there - thought I'd let you know I listen faithfully every morning over in Idaho in a little community near Grangeville. I thoroughly enjoy your show; something makes me laugh every day. Great way to start the day!”  ~ Debbie


“Keith and I were so impressed when you gave the Zac Brown tickets to that first caller on Thespian Theater this morning.  She was so sweet when she said, "But I didn't do it right."  That kind of stuff makes you guys the best there is. Thanks so much for sharing a part of your day with us. “