Saying thank you seems to almost fall short, but I hope you know it is said with genuine sincerity.In my 30-plus year broadcast career, there just is no other day on the radio like KYSS-Mas for Kids, our annual fundraiser auction and contribution gathering day. We were moving along at an okay pace with two hours to go. It wasn't huge but it was certainly enough to feel very good about. And that's when things just went wild. Thanks to the generosity of some business owners and their donated items and the listeners getting caught up in the emotion and the excitement of it all, we ended up going over $26,000.00 for the day!!!!! That means that well over 500 needy children in western Montana will have a little merrier Christmas. For those of you who had winning bids and made contributions, we'd really appreciate it if you could bring your to the station this week. 3250 South Reserve above Western Montana Lighting, M-F 8-5. God bless you, everyone. And Merry Christmas!!!   DB