The weekend has come and gone, and you've been staring Monday in the face all day. What better way to start your Monday — and make your week insurmountably better — then to find out you won tickets to see Kip Moore on July 30 at Big Sky Brewing Company? And…This just in: In addition to winning tickets to see Kip Moore, there will be a meet-and-greet with him at the brewery for our winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. It was an extremely hard decision!

Here are the winners, in no particular order, for the Kip Moore concert from our contest “Beer Money”:

Winner #1 is Sage Schiller, a sophomore at Hellgate High School.

Hello KYSS FM! My name is Sage and I'm currently a sophomore at Hellgate High School. I recently lettered in academics, the requirements being a 3.7 GPA or higher for 3 consecutive semesters. On top of being a full time student, I play Cowboy Polo with the Missoula Sheriff's Posse. Since my parents are divorced, I do chores at not one, but two houses. Thank you for your consideration, have a good summer!

Winner #2 is Danielle Caballero, a 24 year-old, full-time mom.

My name is Danielle Caballero and I am 24 years old. As a full-time working mom, I also struggle to somehow balance the unachievable goal of being the perfect mom to my 5-year-old boy, and the perfect "wife" to my dear fiance :) I get up at 4:15 a.m. every morning so that I have enough time to make myself presentable, lay out clothes for my boys (fiance & 5-year-old son) Though the fiance would gladly do this and help, I am nice and like to make sure he gets his extra wink of sleep while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off so that I can somehow get the whole family up, breakfast ate, dogs taken care of, make sure I have everything set out for my son's Preschool day, everything remembered for my fiance etc. All this needs to be achieved by 6:20 a.m. Oh, and can I squeeze a cup of coffee in there? (Not I do all this, so that we can have our son dropped off at Preschool by 7 a.m., and be to work by 7:15. To accomplish this in a timely manner is literally like herding goats in a snowstorm I tell ya (even with only 1 child). I then work all day until about 4:30. This is not just a sit-at-my-desk bored job; I do all the accounting and management of my fiance's trucking company/freight brokerage. I deal with problem after problem ALL day long. Brand new truck breaking down? Problem #1 . Driver can't get loaded? Problem #2. *Rinse & Repeat* Then onto the constant phone calls...When 4:30 rolls around I am almost crawling out the door I am SO exhausted. Actually to be honest, I'm exhausted by about 9AM most mornings! In the meantime, I have to pick my son up by 5, get home, cook dinner, get my son in the bath as well as do any homework he may have, and clean clean clean! (I am an O.C.D. clean freak so my house HAS to be organized dishes done, laundry done etc all before going to bed). Finding time in this very limited span, to spend quality time with boy#1 (the 5 year-old) and boy#2 (the fiance). On top of all of this, I fully expect myself to not forget one thing--including things the fiance wants me to remember to do, or remind him to do. (He is even busier than me, is that possible? Yes, somehow it is). But in the end, I think I'm definitely the glue that holds this household together :) I rarely (we're talking rarely) get time to myself, or just to do something that is solely for ME. I think concert would be a nice break :) I constantly strive to put others before myself and I truly find joy in that, even if at the end of the day it means: "Working all week; to barely make ends meet". Fun fact as well: my fiance & I's trucking/freight brokerage hauls/manages all the beer bottles that go into Big Sky Brewing! We work with them quite frequently (Well, I send them Invoices! My fiance sets up the loads with them!) Too cool, had to share that little tid-bit!

Winner #2 is Cody Bachuss, a hard working family man.

Cody busts his a$$, working for LS Jensen, all day every day to support his family! He and his wife have 19 year-old twins he is putting through college, a 17 year-old in high school and an 8 year-old in grade school, and he still manages to keep the bills paid, food on the table, and with any luck at all he has enough left over for beer money! (And trust me, with the hours he works, not to mention that many kids... he needs some down time!)