As you might be aware, Kenny Chesney has a Seattle performance coming up this summer, to which you can win a trip from KYSS FM. While Chesney may seem like a straightforward, wholesome country boy on the surface, he has dozens of unique quirks and anecdotes you might not have known about. Here are just a few:

  • He Loves Grilled Cheese So Much, He Wrote a Song About It

    "I love it. Just a plain grilled cheese with extra salt,” Chesney told People Magazine. “I wrote a song called ‘Red Wine and Grilled Cheese.’ I'll put it on a record some day.”

    We hope you do, Kenny!

    photo credit: Chefdruck/flickr
  • He Hates His Middle Name

    It’s Arnold. His middle name is Arnold. However, Chesney’s not too fond of it and generally remains silent when pressed for it in interviews. What’s wrong with Arnold, Kenny? That’s the Terminator’s name, and he’s a badass!

    photo credit: Erprofe/flickr
  • He Takes Three Showers a Day

    “I can't stand to be sticky,” Chesney told People Magazine.“I'm a bodywash guy. It freaks me out to use soap.”

    We can’t help but wonder what he uses to wash his hands after using a public restroom.

    photo credit: theimpulsivebuy/flickr
  • A Fan Was Kicked Out of One of His Shows for Looking Too Much Like Him

    In June 2012, Nathan Blankenship showed up at a Kenny Chesney concert wearing a blue cut-off shirt and straw cowboy hat… only to be escorted out by security for bearing too much of a resemblance to the singer. Apparently, Chesney wasn’t aware of the incident until after it made the news, and Blankenship was offered a full refund of his $200 floor ticket and several CDs for his misfortune.

    photo credit: WKRN/Donald Bowers, Getty Images
  • He and Tim McGraw Were Once Arrested for Stealing a Police Horse

    Whenever two country superstars hang out together, mayhem is bound to ensue. Such was the case in 2000, when Chesney rode off on a police horse in Buffalo, N.Y. after getting permission to sit on it from the Erie Sheriff Department captain’s daughter. As officers tried to rein him in, McGraw stepped in and allegedly attacked them. The pair was arrested and ultimately acquitted of all charges.

    photo credit: pixieclipx/flickr