What is the deal with NBC? Are they trying to make me hate them? I can’t believe that they can’t find one person there who can come up with an original idea. Instead they are dead set on taking classics and regurgitating them. I want nothing to do with the putrid stench that will be wafting off the spew that is a NBC mutilated redone classic.

Just as NBC has found it necessary to butcher “The Sound of Music” with a remake, it is dead set on remaking my all-time favorite TV show, “Murder, She Wrote.” Why, NBC? Why would you do this? Watching J.B. Fletcher, a globe-trotting mystery writer who solves real murders, was what made me want to become a writer. I still hope that one day I can be a younger version of her.

Why would you try and replace Angela Lansbury? She is irreplaceable. It cannot be done. There is no other Cabot Cove, Maine. There is only one small town where the famous local mystery writer aids the country bumpkin sheriff with all his cases.

Let’s be honest. NBC hasn’t really been a network contender since there were 50 different versions of “Law & Order,” and “Seinfeld “and “Friends” ruled the Thursday night lineup. It’s pitifully obvious that NBC is grasping at straws. They need to leave the classics in the past, where they belong. That is why they are called classics. They are perfect just the way they are.

If you want to regurgitate something, why don’t you try and redo a show that was never good in the first place. At least then you won’t be ruining something that was awesome. Think about it, the only place that a show like that has to go is up. Chances are no one will remember the show anyway, so they won’t remember how bad it was.

Please NBC, I beg you. Do not do this. Do not take another piece of my childhood and ruin it.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.