Oil changed? Checked. Tires inflated? Yes sir. Blood pressure, heart rate, testosterone levels who knows? Something I am planning on doing in 2012 is taking better care of myself.

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By: Joe Raedle Collection: Getty Images News People: Olveen Carrasquillo; Juan Gonzalez

A recent survey reveals that an incredible 70 percent of men find it easier to care for their cars. Why? "When a boy is 5 years old and skins his knee, he is told that big boys do not cry," says Scott Williams, vice president of Men's Health Network, who commissioned the survey. "Fast-forward to adulthood and chest pain evokes the same dismissive reaction." But denying changing health requirements can be dangerous, experts say. "At age 40," warns Dr. Harry Fisch, urologist and clinical professor of medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College, "the body begins to change and men are past the maintenance free years."