Off to Fort Benton this weekend for a family celebration of my aunt's 100th birthday! Her birthday isn't until the following week, but they wanted the party to be on a weekend so more folks would

be able to attend. Lorena Towner was one of 9 kids (last surviving) and my dad's older sister by a couple of  years. She married Sam Towner and they carved their lives out in Fort Benton where they ran the local grocery store for I don't know how long. She has been living in assisted care facilities for a number of years. The last time I saw her was about 2006...she was under the hair dryer when I popped in and told her I was her nephew Denny Bedard. Her eyes filled with tears, big smile, and believe me there was no indication that mental faculties were diminishing. And I'm told by other relatives that's still the case. So 100...there's something for me to shoot for, although I don't know if you all could put up with me on the radio that many more years!!!! DB