Okay, I’m going to say this upfront. I have not listened to Lionel Richie’s new album “Tuskegee.” I have just seen blurbs on TV and seen people talk about it on Facebook. I can’t say whether the music is good or not. However, from what I’ve gathered, it seems to be a big hit. What I don’t understand about it is everything.

First of all, you have an ‘80s pop icon singing with a bunch of country singers. What? How are these two subjects even remotely related? And, I’m in a way not surprised that it is doing well, because it has, from what I’ve seen, every major country singer on the album. So, why wouldn’t it do well? If you compiled the fans of country music’s top artists, of course you are going to have great sales.

What about those who loved the 80’s? Some people you can tell still love the ‘80s because they perm their hair or have really poofy bangs, but others are closet ‘80s lovers. If you take all those ‘80s fans and add all those country fans on top of that, well, then you have truck load of fans.

Okay, so having a truck load of fans is a big plus, but I have to ask myself, what’s in it for the country stars? Why would they want to do an album like this? What’s in it for them? How does this help their careers? Do country stars secretly love the ‘80s or just ‘80s fans? I’m beginning to think it may be a conspiracy. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Maybe it’s the whole opposites attract thing or how two negatives make a positive. I’m just not sure. I guess I’ll just have to listen to the album. I just want you to know, that I’m only going to listen to it out of sheer curiosity and nothing else.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.