I watched the Altitude Sports broadcast of the Griz/Portland State basketball game Sunday, and I have to admit I didn't even notice the graphic on the running score. I do remember the ads for MSU, but just figured they rotated the Big Sky Conference schools to give them props as part of their programming. Nope. Here's the letter the Griz got today: 

"Unfortunately during Sunday's Big Sky Conference  telecast featuring the University of Montana and Portland State on Altitude, our computer system that displays the score bug, incorrectly listed MU instead of UM. The abbreviation and logo was embedded into the software and we could not change it on site. We should have found another way to display the score information. We also incorrectly inserted a promotional message for Montana State University instead of one for the University of Montana.

We understand that we failed UM fans and our viewers...again we sincerely apologize....we will correct this before our next UM telecast on February 23rd (Northern Arizona at Montana)."  Signed,

Shelley Harper, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, Altitude Sports and Entertainment. 

Stuff happens. DB