Over $30,000 dollars in giveaways and up come the 30lb anchors. The words rang out, "out of all the cool things, I'll probably win an anchor". That's exactly what happened, won an anchor for the boat I don't have.

At least I won something right? I do have to say that outdoor films shown in Montana, are just top notch. Whether they are showing footage of the Big Sky country or New Zealand. We all live here for a reason,a  lot of times it is because we love the outdoors, the fresh air, scenery and multitude of activities. That's why attending films and events like the Orvis "Down The Hatch" film festival showing are important and fun. It keeps us united as an outdoor nation. It gave me chills to see the Rainbows taking the fly's. The saying " the tug is the drug" is so true if you have ever patiently set out your fly for it to be caught ...and the fight to begin. All of the proceeds from Saturday nights showing went to Trout Unlimted.  a great organization, find out how you can help more or be a part of TU. Anchors away!