I love decorating for Christmas and went into decorating overload this weekend. I did make one mistake though while hanging the Christmas lights outside, many people may have had this happen to them too.

I decided this year to not use my grandmas old outdoor lights which have hooks on them to attach to the deck, I instead decided to use the icicle lights and another strand for the outside. I use my handy staple gun to attach them, which I of-course think is no problem. Not sure a staple gun was the best way to go. Why did I not think of how semi permanent staples are?

What I didn't think of at all happening was me stapling the wires and the lights shorting out. yeah that's what happened alright. So after staple gunning lights around my deck and then turning them on to half of them being shorted out I now know the dangers of staple gunning lights to a house period. I pulled a Griswald...




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