Getting ready to go to Headwaters Country Jam and one of the thoughts I had was getting my hair breaded before to keep it manageable. What went from joking about what kind of braids this morning to them being a reality.

I hadn't really had a thought when I went to see Jennifer at Sheer Art Salon on what kind of braid. She said that it would need to be smaller braids so they held. Headwaters Country Jam is in the middle of nowhere really, showers aren't readily available. She then mentioned maybe Corn Rolls would be best.

Funny enough I had joked with Billy,one of my co-workers, that he would want corn rolls and I should get them too. So I laughed but agreed that she was right, they would definitely be best. No showers, sunshine and a good time, makes having easy hair a plus.

Jennifer at Sheer Art Salon is just a really genuine person. She is not only kind but you can tell she is creative and thinks outside of the box. She was fast too, took an hour less then we though and I have thick hair. She reminded me of a pin up gal. Thank you so much to Jennifer and if you would like to find out more about my corn rolls or braids that she does click here.