What is one of the first stops to make while learning about Missoula? The Oxford Saloon of course! Most locals know it as the eatery that is open 24 hours for a late night snack. What many don't know is how rich in history it is

They have confusion about the original date of The Oxford, baffling researchers but they have come to the conclusion of 1883. As soon as you walk into The Oxford, you know it is full of character! From the hardwood floors to the historic pictures aligning the walls, it is a true Montana watering hole.

What you may not know about the famous Oxford in Missoula, is that at one time when the prohibition of gambling took place they had a secret poker room in the basement equipped with a trap door. Now being humans we all love a little mystery,and that's exactly how you feel looking at the trap door and the secret door bell which was used to alert the gamblers that the authorities had arrived. History is all around us and you will find enough to fill your day and mind by just eating a meal, or stopping by The Oxford downtown Missoula.

Thank you to Bruce, Margaret, and Chef Q for the great food and tour!

photo courtesy of Jeff Bottari