Any cheesy excuse I can find to show my picture with this big lake trout, I take it! And while this baby is probably the second biggest fish I ever caught, it's dwarfed by some guy's lobster catch! That's right, a lobster. Associated Press tells that onlookers thought Joseph Ali was drunk when dove into the waters near Huntington Beach, California in the dark, but he came away with the catch of a lifetime. He decided to dive for dinner into calm waters after closing his restaurant. He spots a huge lobster. In fact it was too big to grab properly, but it grabbed onto him and Joseph wrestled it to shore. Now, in this area anything over about five pounds is considered trophy size. This dude? Close to 18 pounds! Estimated to be at least 30 years old. I'll go with this guy over "noodlin'" any day. Somebody melt a few pounds of butter! DB