Some of your favorite movies will have sequels and some of your favorite series will continue....check out these sequels coming to a theater near you!

HUGE news ! Robin Williams is signed on and working on Mrs. Doubtfire 2. 20 years after the original! I am so excited as this is one of my favorites. Pierce Brosnan isn't slated to appear as of yet. Release date: TBD

Beetlejuice 2! Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder and Tim Burton are confirmed. Release date: TBD

Zoolander 2 with full cast! Release date : TBD 2014

Goonies 2 with original cast! Release date : TBD

Transformer 4 will be out in June this year!

Ghostbusters 3 with Dan Akroyd. Release date : TBD

Star Wars #7. Release date : 2015

Finding Nemo 2. Release date: 2016

Beverly Hills Cop, with Eddie Murphy. This time he will be going back to Detroit! Release date : TBD