It's prom season. It would seem like the girls would just tell the boys where to go, but the issue must have gone further. Associated Press tells us that Corona del Mar High in Newport Beach, California has banned "Prom Draft," the unofficial student tradition where male students would rank the female students, then draft them for prom dates. Huh? The draft was determined by a lottery, but the guys could "trade up" by buying higher draft picks. Now, what is unclear to me is whether this was just all in good fun. Did the gals know that they were going to be drafted by boys who'd already asked them anyway? Did these guys really have that high of opinions of themselves? Not sure, but what is certain is that principal Kathy Scott threatened to cancel the prom if the draft wasn't dropped. Well, that got the students' attention, so draft day is gone. The principal said it's not OK to objectify students. Can't imagine it's going to be missed too much. DB