This weekend, I had the opportunity to head down to Three Forks, Montana and hang out at the 2013 Headwaters Country Jam! And let me tell ya, I had a blast!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Yovetich

I have to admit, I had never been to a concert before I went to Headwaters. Pathetic, I know, but I couldn't be more excited to call Headwaters my first concert experience.

We arrived on Friday night — just in the nick of time to watch Diamond Rio perform.

Speaking of Diamond Rio, I definitely have a new favorite band and they are it. Whether they played "One More Day" or "Beautiful Mess," they had me singing along with each song. Thank you, Diamond Rio, for being one of the reasons the 2013 Headwaters Country Jam will be a weekend I will never forget.

Sammy Kershaw was set up to play Saturday night, but unfortunately he had to cancel. Never fear, though, because Darryl Worley killed it! He wrapped up his performance dedicating his song to any and all armed forces, and proceeded by bringing up past and present U.S. veterans. Yeah, he was a pretty cool guy, and he got the crowd all fired up to watch one of my favorite acts of the weekend, Craig Morgan.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Yovetich

Craig Morgan put on an AMAZING show for all to see. One thing that stood out to me during the beginning of his performance was when he was introducing his band members. All of them happened to be from Montana! How cool is that? After that, he opened with his song "International Harvester." Okay, Montanans, wouldn't that get you fired up too? My favorite song of the night though, was "That's What I Love About Sunday." Well done, Craig Morgan. You were one of the greatest live performers of the weekend.

Overall, Headwaters Country Jam was an amazing experience. Whether it was camping with great friends, watching the Redneck Olympics events, or singing along with some of the greatest bands I have ever seen, I know Headwaters will now become one of the greatest summer traditions yet for me.