Next time you feel like the dog next door is yapping too much, think about having to live  next to this pet lover.

Actually, we're very happy for Rambo, a six-foot pet alligator that Mary Thorn will be allowed to keep. Mary was in a dispute with Florida Fish and Wildlife over Rambo's growing size. The law states that alligators that measure more than six feet in length must have 2.5 acres of living space.

But the agency reached an agreement with Mary, who has owned Rambo for 11 years. He's a bit of a celebrity in his home town of Lakeland. Rambo sometimes wears clothing and even donned a Santa hat for the holidays.

We assume it's Mary who does the dressing up of Rambo. And since her nickname isn't "No Hands Thorn" we also assume Rambo's well-behaved. We're glad he gets to stay home!