It’s the 112th meeting of the Grizzlies and Bobcats this Saturday.  I haven’t kept track of how many of these games I’ve attended. At some I worked on the sidelines as a radio reporter. The most fun ones were as a fan.

In any case there were some more memorable than others. This week I’ll be chronicling some of them.

Reno H. Sales Stadium in Bozeman runs NW-SE (left to right). The open end of the field faces into the prevailing winds which blow most of the time.  On game day in 1989 it was especially fierce, howling out of the NW into the face of the Grizzlies. It blew Head Coach Don Reads' stocking cap off and he claims along with it his game notes. It was a major “blow”. At one point early in the game the UM punter faced into the wind and from deep in Montana territory booted one. It sailed up, got caught by a gust and was blown backward into the area of the end zone. The Cats scored a safety.  But that’s all they scored , Montana went on to win the game 17-2.