Where the heck are those Montana Grizzlies? Way over on the east end of mighty North Dakota. And they obviously could see us coming from hundreds of miles away! Grand Forks is about 75 miles north of the Fargo-Moorhead area and 145 miles south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are no lakes in the city limits of Grand Forks, but of course the Red River meanders through. And since it is one of the flattest parts of the world, the city has few differences in elevation. The Red River Valley is the result of an ancient glacier carving its way south during the last Ice Age. The Griz begin carving up UND in Big Sky Conference football Saturday afternoon at 5:00. Come watch the game with us at the Rally in the Valley viewing party in Caras Park starting at 4:00. To find out more please visit kyssfmin-the-valley/14-september-2013-caras-park-2/.com