It’s been a week now since the president of The University of Montana , Royce Engstrom,  announced he would not be renewing the contracts of athletic director Jim O’Day and head football coach Robin Pflugrad. It took about a day or so for it to “soak in,” and then lots of people had lots of opinions. We wanted to see what you thought. I’ve read through the responses so far and here’s what you said; You don’t think either man should have been fired, you do think the firings were related to recent allegations of misconduct by athletes, you’re not convinced O’Day and Pflugrad should be held accountable for those players’ actions, and finally you think Engstrom could have been more forthright in his statement announcing the dismissals.

You also had some interesting comments on who their replacements should be. I was flattered/amused when someone suggested me for either one of the jobs. I don’t think so, but thanks.

The survey is still open and taking comments if you’d like to “speak your piece.” At the end you’ll get to see the full survey and results.


Below you can see the results as of noon April 5th. Questions 6 and 7 not included, they were write-in answers too numerous to mention.