Oh, my. I think school administrators might have gone too far on this one. Looks like they agree. More from the high school graduation shenanigans file from Associated Press. A high school near Chicago had a change of heart after withholding diplomas from the entire  class because some students tossed their graduation caps after being told not to. Ridgewood High sent out an email stating they would only release diplomas if representatives of the class apologized at the next school board meeting. It said cap-tossing was "disrespectful and insubordinate behavior." But a couple days later school officials had reversed the decision, saying they had "re-thought" the policy and would be sending out the diplomas immediately.

Hmmmm....wonder how many school board members and school administrators tossed their graduation caps in the air.  DB

Oh, I almost forgot: Ridgeway High's athletic team nickname is the Rebels. :-)