Every year we are treated to stories about tourists and wild animals that make you just roll your eyes!

And this year there seems to be an exceptionally high (and bizarre) incident rate.

Well, Glacier National Park thinks maybe Gracie can help cut down on stupid and dangerous encounters. Gracie's job is to herd mountain goats and bighorn sheep in an effort to help keep them at safe distances from people. Or if you prefer, people away from them, depending on which groups you think are actually smarter.

Glacier Park rangers, figured, why not? They've tried to spook the sheep and goats with noise, firing blanks from a shotgun, as well as sirens and whips! But when all is said and done, the rangers say dogs like Gracie are just better at it.

So hopefully, thanks to Gracie, we won't hear about someone loading a mountain goat into their SUV or getting rammed by a ram while taking a selfie!    DB