Are you tired of having to buy a whole new phone every time you want to upgrade? Maybe your camera is out dated and right now you would have to buy a whole new phone just to get the upgraded camera. Not with the new cell phone Google is working on! 

Imagine a rubix cube of a phone. Where you could move and swap just parts of it. That's what Google's new innovative Project Ara is aimed to do. If you would like the latest camera but still have a great phone, you would merely snap off the camera portion and swap it with the new one. Right now a new LG phone is running $600 without an upgrade. With Google's new cell phone you can have the best of everything at a much cheaper cost and just when you need or would like it. It seems that every time you turn around this or that on your new phone is already out of date. Check out more info with PC World. I think I would ditch my Iphone for this one!