I came to the conclusion this morning that rejection is a part of every day life. Whether it's not getting the job you really wanted, or your mom telling you that you can't stay over at Tommy's house on a school night. Rejections may come in all forms, but this rejection is the worst, by far.

Sad, right? I can't even imagine how that guy is feeling right now. Not only did she say no to marrying him, but she said no to marrying him in front of hundreds of people.

Well, you can stop feeling bad for him. According to the Associated Press, this whole plot was staged:

The Double-A Rock Cats, an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, issued a statement yesterday acknowledging the club staged the event with two employees. Mike Abramson, the team's vice president of marketing, says the team hoped the video would go viral and is pleased with the outcome.

I have to say, the Rock Cats had me convinced. I was this close to finding out who the rejected guy was and calling him to make sure he hadn't died of humiliation and embarrassment. Well played, Rock Cats, well played.

The team later apologized to anyone who might have been offended.