This story grabbed my attention this morning because I have a 11 year old son who is a wrestler. At practice he is paired up with a 11 year old girl (which he also attends school with) to spar with. Last year when he first started wrestling he was a little apprehensive about grabbing her and forcing her around until he was completely dominated by her skills as a wrestler. Yes, the girl is much better than my son and that is O.K. to say, even he will admit it. My point is this, if girls want to wrestle, great. More power to them. I do think they should start them young, like in my son's case so the team and their opponents get used to touching a female. Wrestling is about skill, determination, strength and  athleticism not just domination of one opponent over the other. In my opinion it is one of the more difficult sports to compete in. In the story out of Iowa I do applaud the wrestler who forfeited the match and stood for his beliefs even when the state title was on the line. That takes a lot of courage.

For The First Time, Iowa Girl Wins State Wrestling Match...By Forfeit

Now that high school wrestling has come to a close this year little guy wrestling is just getting started. There is a match this weekend...

Florence Take-Down Wrestling Tourney

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 18th and 19th

Florence High School

6:30 start on Friday for Beginner and Novice levels, start time Saturday after 8:15am  for Novice, Middle and Junior high levels

Good luck to all of the wrestlers this weekend, male and female and especially to my son's team -GO BONNER LUMBERJACKS!