There is one thing that I always have to make sure I have for winter. I believe you should have a lot of warm gear if you are an outdoor enthusiast during the winter and even so this one thing is still my essential for gearing up for winter.

A lot of things are important to have in your vehicle for winter and owning for safety but this thing I need I use everyday and it's for more then just when I am stuck outside.

My main essential for gearing up for winter is exactly that, gear. Boots! I always need a good decent pair of boots for winter. One with good traction and that will keep me warm when I am going to work early in the morning, if I got stuck somewhere they would be good to have or if I need to be outside walking in the snow ( not hiking or in intense snow) .

i just grabbed these ones that are a great buy and deal. Plus they are very warm.

Charene Herrera TSM