Montanans are enjoying some of the lowest gas prices in the country right now, but analysts say...don't get too used to them.

Petroleum analyst Greg Laskosky with Gas Buddy dot com says the price per gallon this week for unleaded regular is between $3.10 and $3.15. The national average is $3.24 per gallon.

Laskosky says prices will inevitably rise soon, because the period between January and March is when refineries must clear out their winter-blend fuels, and reconfigure for summer-blends.

About the fiscal cliff and it's potential impact on gas prices, Laskosky says the commodities markets will rise, perhaps dramatically, reflecting fear in the oil industry over the impact of the increased prices and automatic spending cuts the cliff would trigger.

Laskosky says Montanans should enjoy the lower gas prices while they have them.

Petroleum Analyst Greg Laskosky