If you would like one last rendezvous with the ghosts of Winter 2013, we have a suggestion. Garnet Ghost Town cabin rentals are available through the end of April, then close for the tourist season. Keep in mind it's one of those so near, yet so far deals. Even though it's only about 30 miles east of Missoula on Highway 200, once you're at the entrance area, you have to travel about 12 miles on snowmobile or snowshoe in up pretty steep terrain. But the scenery, solitude, and of course the ghosts, might make for a very surreal, memorable experience. There are two cabins to choose from. One sleeps four, just $30 per night. The other sleeps six, just $40 per night.  The Bureau of Land Management Missoula Field Office is your contact for reservations and more information. 406-329-3914. You ain't afraid of no ghosts. Right? DB