If your kids are like mine, then the word “bored” is uttered frequently during the summer. There are only so many chores that I can get my kids to do before the whining is more than I can stand. So I decided to find some fun and crafty things to do with my kids. I wanted to make sure these crafts would be interesting enough to keep my kids’ attention, but not too complicated so they lose interest.

Sidewalk paint – You will need small plastic bowls, cornstarch, water, food coloring and something to stir with. Directions: This doesn’t have to be exact, just dump some cornstarch in a bowl, add a few drops of food coloring and stir in a few tablespoons of water. It should pour off a spoon and not leave a layer of cornstarch sludge at the bottom of the bowl. Once you mix up a few batches you'll know what the perfect consistency is.

Peanut butter play dough – You will need one 18-oz. jar of creamy peanut butter, 6 Tbs. honey and 3/4 cup non-fat dry milk. Directions: Mix ingredients together. Use less or more dry milk to reach desired consistency. For extra fun, add small candies, dried fruit or chocolate chips. Be sure to store in an airtight container.

Tie dyed T-shirts – You will need a plain white T-shirt, a large metal pot, water, a spoon, tongs and rubber bands. Directions: Gather up a bundle of T-shirt and wrap a rubber band tightly around it. Do this in numerous spots all over the shirt so that circles will show up everywhere you want them. Boil water in a pot. Once water is boiling, add dye and then the T-shirt. Boil for 30 minutes. Take the shirt out with tongs and run it under cold water to make sure all the extra dye runs out. Once it is dry, take the rubber bands off.

Rock pets – You will need rocks, acrylic craft paint, yarn, wiggle eyes, markers, glitter glue, sequins, beads, pom poms, etc and white craft glue. Directions: Wash rocks well with warm soapy water. Let dry, then decorate your rocks however you like using just about anything. If it will stick, use it! Use your imagination. Match your pet rock colors to your room, or match your pet rock to your real pet! These make great paper weights for your child’s homework desks.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.