If you are the luckiest person alive and win our Frontier Airlines George Strait flyaway for his very last show on his very last tour at AT&T stadium in Texas, here are a four facts you may find interesting

1. The center hung display board could be filled with 4,920 52” flat panel televisions to be able to equal the size of it.

2.. Jerry Jones got the idea for a high-definition center-hung board for the new AT&T Stadium while attending a Celine Dion concert at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

3. In 2008, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and then Yankees owner George Steinbrenner announced a joint business venture called Legends Hospitality Management LLC which would operate the concessions and merchandising sales at the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas, and at the new Yankees stadium in the Bronx...So if you have attended a game or event at Yankees stadium since 2008, the same food will be available for you at AT&T!

4. Lastly If you feel the urge to call the video boards "Jumbotrons" ( which is a Sony product ) don't. The "Diamond Vision" Police with AT&T Stadium will be quick to remind you that their boards are “Diamond Vision” a Mitsubishi product...yes Mitsubishi has an electronic line....

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