A new study says that people are buying cars with smaller engines. The latest news out of Detroit reveals that more than half of the new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. now have four cylinder motors.

I had a four cylinder car when I was commuting from the Bitterroot. With a 5-speed manual we put over 100-thousand miles on that car in just over four years. It got real good mileage, 35-40mpg, but it couldn’t pass a strong wind.

That’s why when we moved into Missoula we opted for something different but we didn’t want to give up some reasonable mpg numbers. The improvements made in the way engines operate today allowed us to do just that. We drive a 2000 Camaro SS with a V-8 engine and a 6 speed. There are very few things it can’t pass and it gets 30 mpg cruising on I-90. It’s also a lot more fun to drive.

As long as numbers like that are possible I’ll stay with the V-8. Oh, and by the way the red one pictured isn’t mine. It’s a proven fact red cars attract too many tickets.