Everyone knows what the 00 means in 007. Well if there was a Grizzly that might have earned that designation it would be Scott Gurnsey. According to the record books, he has the most career receiving yards and receiving touchdowns of any Grizzly player in the Griz/Cat series.

For Scott Gurnsey it started in the 1992 game in Missoula. QB Brad Lebo was on fire, completing 13 of his first 14 passes, the Griz were up 22-0 in the first 12 minutes of the game. For the day Lebo finished 35 of 56, 410 yards. He threw TD passes to Shannon Cabunoc and Scott Gurnsey. Montana had to weather two Bobcat TDs in the fourth quarter but the defense held, final score Montana 29, MSU 17.

1993 was QB Dave Dickinsons’ first Griz/Cat game to shine. He ran for a score and threw for 3 more.  Two of those touchdowns were through the air on plays of 40 and 64 yards to #21 Scott Gurnsey. On the day Scott had five catches for 173 yards. I talked with Scott about the game in Bozeman in 1993. He remembers running a particular route which took him to the Bobcat side of the field. Dickinson was “bang on” with a pass to Gurnz for another completion. Scotts’ momentum carried him through the MSU players and up to the base of the stadium seats. He handed the ball to the official then turned and “saluted” the Bobcat faithful.  Here’s the way Scott put it; “I turned to their crowd, kissed my fingertips, and planted my palm on my backside!  They pretty much hated me after that....”

Final score: Montana  42, MSU 30

In 1994 the game was back in Missoula; Gurnsey doesn’t let up on the Cats. Teamed with QB Bert Wilberger, Scott catches eight passes for 190 yards and one TD.  A terrorizing Griz defense blocks a punt, an extra point kick, and snags four interceptions.  Final score; Montana 55, MSU 20.

All totaled in three games Scott scores three receiving touchdowns and totals more receiving yards than any other player in Griz/Cat  game history. Those records still stand today.

Scott Gurnsey Agent 0021.