Ya gotta go through Texas to get to Montana. At least that’s what Google map says. The Aggies of Oklahoma State Panhandle will be playing the Montana Grizzlies Saturday here in Missoula. Normally teams fly to games when this type of distance (1259 miles) is involved. The Aggies don’t have that kind of budget so they left Thursday morning by bus for the game. To get here from there goes like this; Leave Goodwell OK, head  down to Texas, back up into OK, across the end of the panhandle into the SE corner of Colorado, up to Denver, then to Casper WY, on up to Sheridan WY and stay on that road into Billings. I think from that point on we’ve all got a good enough sense of direction to find our way to Missoula. That’s a lot of country. It’s also very reminiscent of the trails followed by the cattle drives to Montana Territory in the late 1800’s.This will possibly be the biggest crowd they’ll play in front of so let’s be the great fans we are. These Aggies are truly Road Warriors.