When it comes to Montana lingo we have our own way to say some things, some stuff is just a little different here.

Here are some words or phrases that may mean something different in Montana then other places.

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    Well of course to the folks in Montana, if you say oyster... the mind immediately jumps to rocky mountain oysters.

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    Some people outside of Montana or hunting may think a  'rut' is some kind of dip in the road or dip in something. To a Montanan it means an animal is in rut...

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    No not a poke on Facebook or a physical poke of someone. To Montana ranchers and cowboys/girls a poke is short for "cowpoke" also known as a cowboy.

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    My grandma always called the compartment in the car on the passenger side the jockey box. I guess a lot of old school Montanan's do.

  • 5


    To people in Vegas a 'pasty' means something totally different. To a Montanan it's a traditional butte food used commonly back in the mining days.