I just returned from vacation back to visit family in SD. My father-in-law is 96 and still lives in his own home. My godmother is 96 and she stills lives in her own home as well.  We spent our time getting little things done around father-in-laws house but only in the mornings.By mid-day things were too hot and we’d spend afternoons touristing to small towns in the area (The A on the map shows approximately where we were.)

We aslo got  to spend a day on the Missouri River fishing. We caught some nice walleye and catfish. They’re in the freezer now. Thanks to a classmate, who will fish at the drop of hat,  for taking us out on her boat. Sure was fun.

On the way back to Big Sky Country I got to thinking about ways you could tell you’d been to South Dakota. Here’s what I came up with;

  • You’ve got a boat load of pennies from their sales tax.
  • There’s not a lot of beer selections back there so now microbrews taste funny.
  • Two highlights of touristing were a visit to a meat market and a cheese factory.
  • Chigger bites, a bug that bites in the most inappropriate places, and really itches.
  • You learn that humidity and temperature numbers are interchangeable. 90 &90%.